Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where is Bill...

Bill was here,

and Will and Willis and John.
They came on a Thursday.
I cooked pasta with every veggie in the garden we had melon and strawberries
for desert.
There was wine and whiskey, and lots of songs and stories,
and sticks of burning sage.

Jesse Woods was here too -
I think these were his cigarettes

On Saturday we had a potluck and invited all the neighbors and friends and had a little farm concert.
I made caramelized onion tart, and my famous secret popcorn for a late night snack
(the secret - nutritional yeast + butter + cumin + salt = yum)
When is was time to leave Bill left me with a few parting gifts.
Among musical talents and the ability to wipe away your tears with thousand dollar bills,
he is also a writer of short bits of odd genius.
see below...
(click on images to read)

Thank you Bill!
(and Will and Willis and John and Jesse Woods)
you are the best!

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