Thursday, September 8, 2011


HE is a man with an independent income, a man of keen intelligence, well educated, sensitive, of excellent character, and capable not only with his hand but with his brain and heart. In making a life for himself he has apparently chosen to do nothing more then raise a family, provide its members with what he can, and enjoy the life of the day to day. He does everything singe-handed, from erecting buildings to raising crops, making wines and so on. At intervals he hunts or fishes, or just takes off into the wilderness to commune with nature. To the average man he would appear to be just another good citizen, except that he is of better physique then most, enjoys better health, has no vices and no trace of the usual neuroses. His library is an excellent one, and he is at home in it; he enjoys good music and listens to it frequently. He can hold his own at any sport or game, can vie with the toughest when it comes to hard work, and in general is what might be called "a good fellow", that is, a man who knows how to mix well with others, how to get along with the world. But what he also knows and does, and what the average citizen can not or will not do, is to enjoy solitude, to live simply, to crave nothing, and to share what he has when called upon. I refrain from mentioning his name for fear of doing him a disservice. Let us leave him where he is, Mr. X, a master of the anonymous life and a wonderful example to his fellow man.

-Henry Miller-
Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

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