Thursday, September 23, 2010

she is like everything

I was at a book store in Grass Valley, browsing obscure poetry pamphlets.
I made a little stack of ones with interesting covers.
I opened the first one, and that is what is said.

I think you are...I think I am...
we are...

The Eleventh Dream
"...the street was wide with the emptiness of morning a boulevard, slightly downhill, sloping just so much as would be needed to take the little bit of weight from a childs step.
She walked as if little wings were on her feet."
-Rilke everything else
that beautiful.


  1. so beautiful.....
    the affect is lovely how your simple truth inspires my
    heart to create more and more beauty..
    yes you are that beautiful

  2. Wow
    you are amazing
    i'm inspired
    love you