Sunday, September 5, 2010



"We come to know in art that we do not clearly know where we will arrive in our work, although we set the compass, our vision; that we are lead in going along, by material and work process. We have plans and blueprints, but the finished work is still a surprise. We learn to listen to our voices; the yes or no of our material, our tools, our time. We come to know that only when we feel guided by them our work takes on form and meaning, that we are misled when we follow our will. All great deeds have been achieved under a sense of guidance."
(words and necklace = the great, amazing, everything Annie Albers)


finding the need to make these lately.
Only the dried branches of manzanita and small gauge wire.
beautiful simplicity.
The Gods Eye is a magical tool for the Huichol people.
It is the symbolic power of seeing that which is unknown and unknowable.
understanding the mystery.

I wear this one around my neck.

(learning to love the mystery)


  1. you inspire me...thinking of you as i also am learning to love the mystery

  2. I just took my jewelry tools out of storage and making one of these might be the first thing I do :) Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration my dear!

  3. I met you several weeks back, and was disappointed that our conversation was not able to continue. I didn't realize that you even lived in this area, until talking to Lenny a few days later. So, I decided to take a random shot into the cosmos, hoping to talk to you again, and I somehow found this blog. I wish you well regardless. Namaste